We will be utilizing Solstice Golf Solutions to coordinate all of our reciprocal tee times this summer.  You will need to fill out the Reciprocal Golf Form attached below for each tee time you wish to book.  This will automatically populate in their que in which they will then begin making calls on your behalf.  Please keep in mind the booking windows when making these requests.  If you have a club that has a 1 day booking window, the booking agent will not call or communicate anything until 1 day prior to the date.  You will receive an email when your tee time has been facilitated, or confirmation that it hasn’t been facilitated.  This list will be evolving as we are still awaiting responses from local clubs.  If there is a club that is not on this list, feel free to email NCampbell@theiconteam.com and he can reach out on a pro to pro basis.  We look forward to a great summer and a successful reciprocal season.

Reciprocal List

Registration Form

Reciprocal 'How To Guide' Video