The Arnold Palmer Design Company welcomes you to Lakewood National Golf Club - a championship course!

Our inspiration for Lakewood National is derived from the Florida agrarian landscapes, natural rolling terrain, and strategic concepts rooted in the Golden Age of golf course architecture.  Our intent was to blend these different but compatible ideas to create a fun, beautiful, natural feeling, and intriguing golf course. Accordingly, the architecture of it embodies the spirit and tradition of America’s classic golf courses while exhibiting a contemporary interpretation to their enduring standard.

With these principles as our guidance and inspiration, our goal was to create a golf course unique to the western central Florida landscape that possesses a natural, rustic feel and classic touch.

Lakewood National takes you on a journey over broad rolls, long ridges, unexpected dips, over and alongside broad ponds and next to delicate wetland preserves, offering an exhilarating experience for everyone to enjoy.

Varying topography, in a typically flat region, will be the distinctive feature of this golf course. Contour, coupled with width, will be your friend or foe depending on the slopes and angles between you and your intended target. Have fun watching your ball roll towards the target from a feeding slope or trickle just off the mark and disappear after cresting a ridge or knoll.

Each hole will present a distinct appearance and challenge in the form of risk & reward situations, heroic shots, preferred angles of approach, or delicate plays that require thought, imagination and a deft touch. A variety of subtle to bold green and green surrounding contours at Lakewood National will entice you to use your imagination to navigate the shot at hand. A plethora of pin locations, some utilizing gathering slopes and others employing shedding contours, will make each round fresh and different. Multiple plays will reveal the varying personalities of each green and golf hole.

The beauty, strategy, recovery options, and shot values challenge your intellect and allow you to discover and unlock the best ways to navigate the course. Lakewood National is a special place to us and we enjoyed the honor and responsibility of creating this exceptional Club. We hope your time at Lakewood National is equally as pleasurable.

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